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Mar 18 2010

AS3 | Flex | News

March 2010 Auckland Flash Platform User Group Recap

Last night I attended the March meeting of the Auckland Flash Platform UG, held in the spacious offices of VisFleet. This was a great opportunity to freshen my knowledge on what’s happening in the Flash world. There were two presentations, with a break in the middle for the traditional developers meeting pastime of pizza and [...]

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Feb 25 2010


February 2010 Auckland Web Meetup Recap

A new year. A new venue. A new format. Well, not completely true, it is a new year, but the February Auckland Web Meetup has met at the Vodafone NZ headquarters before and has tried the 20×20 format before. But this was a new venue and new format for my experience with the group. Most [...]

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Oct 22 2009


October 2009 List of Useful Drupal Modules

This is a wonderful list of useful Drupal modules compiled by Lee-Yan Marquez ( from the discussion in last week’s Auckland Drupal Meetup group: Content Management date The date module is a flexible date/time field type for the CCK content module. Content Aggregation & Distribution feedapi FeedAPI aggregates feeds on a Drupal website by generating [...]

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Sep 17 2009


Auckland September Web Meetup Recap

I just attended the September Auckland Web Meetup, which had a full house of 200, free beer and pizza, and interesting presentations on the direction of web browsers. To kick things off Microsoft technical evangelist Giorgio Sardo introduced IE8, which looks to be the most standards compliant browser from MS yet. Giorgio emphasized the large [...]

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Sep 10 2009

AS3 | Flash | Tips

This isn’t right… MovieClip nested inside Button throwing null object reference error in Flash CS4

A great thing about teaching is that your students approach problems in ways you haven’t done before and run into problems that you never knew existed. This is one such problem in Flash CS4 and a curious one at that. THE PROBLEM: A Button symbol is placed on the Stage on a frame other than [...]

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Aug 28 2009

CSS | JavaScript | JQuery | Tutorial

How to add a webpage fade-in effect using JQuery

THE PROBLEM: HTML pages that have numerous and complex nested <div> tags and CSS can sometimes have a jumbled “assembling” appearance that happens as the page is loading and the various elements are being rendered by the browser. The appearance of this process can look quite unrefined and detract from professional appearance of the site. [...]

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Aug 19 2009


The dilemma of Twitter

Twitter. Love it, perhaps hate it, or don’t get it. One thing is clear, Twitter has experienced profound media exposure, perhaps surprisingly out of proportion with the service it actually provides. No, there are no tools to help you sell things, no you can’t create galleries of your favorite pictures, no there isn’t a lengthy [...]

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Aug 17 2009


Why URL shortening as we know it is bad

There was a time when computers on the Internet were accessed via a numerical address. Early on, even before TCP/IP, the idea to map these sets of numbers to human-readable addresses seemed like a good one. The precursor of what is today the Domain Name System (DNS) was born. Fast forward to today and the [...]

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Aug 03 2009

AS3 | Tips

Creating a date countdown timer in ActionScript 3 / Flash

Creating a countdown timer in ActionScript is quite easy. The essentials of it are: Specify a target date to countdown to using the Date class. Create a Timer instance to check the countdown time each second or so. At each tick of the timer calculate the number of milliseconds between now and the target date. [...]

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Jul 23 2009


Teaching at Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

After all the rewards and hard work of putting together the 2009 Spring <br /> Conference last month, as well as finishing up my Master’s degree, I rather quickly and surprisingly found myself opening up an exciting new chapter in my life. I am now living in Auckland, New Zealand working as a lecturer at [...]

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