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Aug 28 2009

CSS | JavaScript | JQuery | Tutorial

How to add a webpage fade-in effect using JQuery

THE PROBLEM: HTML pages that have numerous and complex nested <div> tags and CSS can sometimes have a jumbled “assembling” appearance that happens as the page is loading and the various elements are being rendered by the browser. The appearance of this process can look quite unrefined and detract from professional appearance of the site. [...]

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Jun 20 2009

AS3 | Flash | Tutorial

How to build an Object-Oriented ActionScript 3 Preloader in Flash CS4: 2 Methods

The magic of creating a preloader in ActionScript 3 lies in the LoaderInfo class. Every instantiated DisplayObject instance (all objects that appear on the stage, plus the stage itself) have a loaderInfo property that returns a LoaderInfo instance that contains information about the loading progress of that particular display object. Creating a preloader for the [...]

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Jan 06 2009

AS3 | Flex | Tools | Tutorial

Curious about Adobe Open Source? Get started with the Flex SDK on Mac OS X

How about creating a SWF that runs in the Adobe Flash Player without building it in the Flash or Flex Builder authoring environment, using tools that are free and open source? Ever since Adobe made the move from ActionScript 2.0 to 3.0 there has been a gem of a toolkit available that allows precisely that. [...]

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