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Jul 08 2010

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July 2010 Auckland Flash Platform User Group Recap

This is old news now, but as per my personal tradition I wanted to post a short recap of the Flash Platform User Group meetup that happened July 1. First to present was Michael Andrew, who demoed FlexPMD, an auditing tool for ActionScript/Flex projects. Essentially the tool provides a set of recommendations of how your [...]

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Apr 28 2010

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Auckland Adobe CS5 Roadshow

Under the slogan of design without boundaries, work faster, and streamline critical processes, the CS5 Roadshow kicked off at Skycity Convention Centre in Auckland today. The hosts for the day were Michael “Stod” Stoddart, Mike McHugh, and Paul Burnett. The event covered a broad-range of tips, tricks, and new features of CS5. Questions could be [...]

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Feb 12 2009

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Flash movie clip transformational properties explorer, manipulate values live!

I created this simulation to visually show the relationships between a movie clip’s (actually any display object’s) transformational properties (x, y, width, height, scaleX, scaleY, rotation, and transformational matrix). Drag the square around the “Stage” and move the sliders to transform it. Each property is prefixed with a dot “.” since in a real application [...]

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Jan 07 2009

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What command-line tools are included in the Flex SDK?

Inside the bin directory of the Flex SDK you will find a long list of command-line tools. The following is an overview of what these tools do: AIR Development Tools aasdoc – For creating documentation of the classes in an AIR application acompc – For creating a SWC component (a reuseable library of source code [...]

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Jan 06 2009

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Curious about Adobe Open Source? Get started with the Flex SDK on Mac OS X

How about creating a SWF that runs in the Adobe Flash Player without building it in the Flash or Flex Builder authoring environment, using tools that are free and open source? Ever since Adobe made the move from ActionScript 2.0 to 3.0 there has been a gem of a toolkit available that allows precisely that. [...]

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Nov 08 2008

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A warning and recommendation for MacBook owners

In my rush to leave the country for Colombia (that really makes my life sound more interesting than it is), I inadvertently put my MacBook Pro to sleep instead of shutting it down. Two weeks later I returned. Waking it from sleep I found that the battery had become completely unrecognizable. The batteries in MacBooks [...]

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Sep 13 2008

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2 Essential FireFox plug-ins for CSS development

FireBug Firebug allows the live editing of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript of any website. For tweaking the appearance of a webpage, this tool is indispensable for visually seeing the results of your changes to the source code of a webpage. The changes are made locally and are lost when the page is reloaded. Dust-Me Selectors [...]

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May 01 2008

Math | Tools

Number Base System Converter

Sometimes it is handy to be able to convert a number from one base to another, especially when working with bitwise operations. To help you in that endeavor I present the Base Converter: This movie requires Flash Player 9  

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