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Mar 13 2009

AS3 | Flash | Tips

Common Flash Compiler Errors: #1126

This error shows the following in the Compiler Errors window: 1126: Function does not have a body. Quick Answer and Solution By double-clicking on the error it will take you to the offending line of code. This error commonly happens when the end of line designator “;” is placed at the end of a function [...]

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Feb 26 2009

AS3 | Flash | Tips

Common Flash Compiler Errors: #1009

My students often run into the same kinds of errors, so I thought I would post some info on the more common ones. One very common error to receive in Flash is this one: TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference. Quick Answer and Solution Somewhere in your [...]

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Feb 02 2009

Flash | Tips

Flash CS3 IDE not displaying all coordinate decimal places

Flash CS4 has corrected this issue, but in Flash CS3 the coordinates of a movie clip on the Stage are only displayed to the first decimal place (e.g. 100.5). So an x coordinate value of 100.55 would be displayed in the Properties panel as 100.5, yet still be 100.55 in the x property of the [...]

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Dec 17 2008

Flex | Tips

What is Flex?

There was a question posted on the Flash Coders group on last night asking the simple question: “What is Flex?” I think reading about Flex for the first time can be a little confusing and intimidating, so here are some points to keep in mind: If you are coming from the Flash world, you can [...]

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Dec 05 2008

AS3 | Flex | Programming | Tips

Cairngorm versus PureMVC, the most basic example application!

Awhile back when I was learning to use the Cairngorm framework, Nicolas Lierman had a very basic example of a Cairngorm application. At the time I was trying to slog through the Cairngorm Store example, racking my brains trying to figure out what was going on. I didn’t need such a complex example to start [...]

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Nov 13 2008

Flash | Tips

Imported image renders as big red box in Flash CS3

I was working with one of my students on Tuesday to create a filmstrip-style photo gallery where the user could move to the left or right of the filmstrip center and the line of photos would scroll into view. I was looking at the student’s .fla and when I tested their movie the photos appeared [...]

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Nov 08 2008

Tips | Tools

A warning and recommendation for MacBook owners

In my rush to leave the country for Colombia (that really makes my life sound more interesting than it is), I inadvertently put my MacBook Pro to sleep instead of shutting it down. Two weeks later I returned. Waking it from sleep I found that the battery had become completely unrecognizable. The batteries in MacBooks [...]

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Sep 13 2008

CSS | Tips | Tools

2 Essential FireFox plug-ins for CSS development

FireBug Firebug allows the live editing of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript of any website. For tweaking the appearance of a webpage, this tool is indispensable for visually seeing the results of your changes to the source code of a webpage. The changes are made locally and are lost when the page is reloaded. Dust-Me Selectors [...]

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