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Feb 12 2009

AS3 | Flash | Tools

Flash movie clip transformational properties explorer, manipulate values live!

I created this simulation to visually show the relationships between a movie clip’s (actually any display object’s) transformational properties (x, y, width, height, scaleX, scaleY, rotation, and transformational matrix). Drag the square around the “Stage” and move the sliders to transform it. Each property is prefixed with a dot “.” since in a real application [...]

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Jan 06 2009

AS3 | Flex | Tools | Tutorial

Curious about Adobe Open Source? Get started with the Flex SDK on Mac OS X

How about creating a SWF that runs in the Adobe Flash Player without building it in the Flash or Flex Builder authoring environment, using tools that are free and open source? Ever since Adobe made the move from ActionScript 2.0 to 3.0 there has been a gem of a toolkit available that allows precisely that. [...]

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Dec 05 2008

AS3 | Flex | Programming | Tips

Cairngorm versus PureMVC, the most basic example application!

Awhile back when I was learning to use the Cairngorm framework, Nicolas Lierman had a very basic example of a Cairngorm application. At the time I was trying to slog through the Cairngorm Store example, racking my brains trying to figure out what was going on. I didn’t need such a complex example to start [...]

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Oct 08 2008

AS3 | Data Structures | News

Coraldata merged into BirdEye

Thanks to the interest of Jason Bellone at the United Nations, Centre for Advanced Visual Analytics, I am happy to announce that my data structure library, coraldata, has a new home in the BirdEye Information Visualization and Visual Analytics Library. It may take a little time to get all the classes up there, but it [...]

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Jun 30 2008

AS3 | Flex | Programming

Scaling a DisplayObject to fit to a container’s dimensions

I’ve often run into the problem of proportionally scaling an image (or other DisplayObject) to the dimensions of its parent container. I always end up having to scavenge around in my code bank for the line of code to do this—which really is a simple bit of code—but I prefer to copy-and-paste it than rewrite [...]

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Jun 04 2008

AS3 | Data Structures | Programming

Spring <br /> 2008 Presentation

This past Tuesday I spoke about Data Structures at the 2008 Spring <br /> Conference in Baker Center, at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Since I was involved in organizing the conference this year, it was a pleasure to have the big day finally arrive. I enjoyed some technical wizardry by Samuel Agesilas Pastel, a [...]

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May 24 2008

AS3 | Programming

Setting private property values of a cloned ActionScript 3 object

Sometimes when cloning an object it is desirable to set a private or read-only property on the clone. Since these properties aren’t writable from outside the class itself, how can their values be changed? Drawing from the ideas of Grant Skinner’s post on Singletons the same internal class technique can be used to set properties [...]

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May 14 2008

AS3 | Flex

Transformational Canvas v1.0

I wanted to create a Flex Canvas-based component that acted like a camera looking down on a tabletop containing objects. Any item added to the canvas would automatically be able to be dragged as a group and individually, while the whole view could be zoomed and rotated. Here is the result:   This movie requires Flash [...]

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May 07 2008

AS3 | Flex | Programming

Encapsulating interactive behavior in Flex applications for better code readability

Consider for a moment dragging an element within an application. The steps required for this operation are as follows: Behavior Description Event to listen for START DRAGGING… When the mouse button is pressed down over the element. MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN DRAG… While the mouse is moving and the mouse button is pressed down over the element. MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE [...]

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