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Aug 28 2009

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How to add a webpage fade-in effect using JQuery

THE PROBLEM: HTML pages that have numerous and complex nested <div> tags and CSS can sometimes have a jumbled “assembling” appearance that happens as the page is loading and the various elements are being rendered by the browser. The appearance of this process can look quite unrefined and detract from professional appearance of the site. [...]

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Dec 20 2008


The difference between IDs and Classes in CSS

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) styles are most commonly applied to elements (paragraphs, links, images, etc.) within a web page by one of two ways: either through ID selectors or class selectors. For example: <div id="id-selector">style applied with ID<div> <div class="class-selector">style applied with class<div> When first learning to use CSS I think it can be confusing [...]

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Sep 13 2008

CSS | Tips | Tools

2 Essential FireFox plug-ins for CSS development

FireBug Firebug allows the live editing of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript of any website. For tweaking the appearance of a webpage, this tool is indispensable for visually seeing the results of your changes to the source code of a webpage. The changes are made locally and are lost when the page is reloaded. Dust-Me Selectors [...]

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