June 2011 Auckland Web Meetup

It’s been many months since there was a formal web meetup, but about 180 web enthusiasts gathered at the new Telecom building for three presentations yesterday evening.

John Lennard talked about Luumin, a task management software that will be opening into private beta in 6-8 weeks. John talked about the reasons that the Yahoo! YUI Library was chosen for development (it’s built for applications) and mentioned that Cassandra is used for the datastore.

Next, Darren Wood presented on frontend optimization, running through a list of tips for markup, CSS, Images and JavaScript. The presentation is available online, so I’ll just repost the list of tools mentioned:

Last up was Mozilla Foundation programmer, Robert O’Callahan, who discussed the state of work happening at Mozilla on Firefox as well as the web more generally. Highlights include:

  • Demo of the HTML5 game Pirates Love Daisies, an almost demo of Angry Birds (network issues prevented the full demo), and the Quake 3 WebGL demo.
  • Rob enthusiastically spoke of a pure JavaScript MP3 audio decoder (jmad I assume)
  • and said Mozilla will implement MP3 support the day after the MP3 patents expire, as that’s all that’s holding them back from being implemented.

  • Advanced audio is a pressing issue that needs to be handled, and there is a proposal for a Web Audio API, which Chrome is currently ahead on.
  • Mozilla is working on a pure JavaScript PDF reader, which renders into the canvas tag (pdf.js, read more at Andreas Gal’s blog).
  • Also mentioned was Gordon, an open source Flash runtime.
  • The W3C’s Touch Events specification, which provides an API for, you guessed it, user touch (it does not cover gestures, as Apple has patents that cover these).
  • Mozilla’s Fullscreen API should be implemented in the next year.
  • In talking about in-browser realtime communication, the Opus audio codec was mentioned, which is designed for interactive speech and audio transmission over the Internet.