CHINZ 2010

The 11th Annual ACM SIGCHI NZ Conference on Computer-Human Interaction was held on July 8 at Massey University. This was a great opportunity to see some of the work academics outside of AUT were doing. In particular, the University of Auckland had a showing.

Two things that may be of note for a Flash developer are the Auckland Interface Model, a universal table widget, and Johnny Chung Lee’s Wii projects, which demonstrate methods of using the wiimote to achieve various types of motion tracking. Check out of the video for head tracking, for instance.

Following the conference, I attended the Northshore .Net User Group meeting that happened to be happening after the conference. Keith Patton gave a great presentation on the upcoming Windows 7 Phone platform. He presented an overview of the platform advantages and limitations and gave a live demo of an app in the phone emulator. And winning Windows 7 Ultimate at the end wasn’t bad either, thanks guys! Visit the MS Windows Phone developer site for more information and the developer tools.