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July 2010 Auckland Flash Platform User Group Recap

This is old news now, but as per my personal tradition I wanted to post a short recap of the Flash Platform User Group meetup that happened July 1.

First to present was Michael Andrew, who demoed FlexPMD, an auditing tool for ActionScript/Flex projects. Essentially the tool provides a set of recommendations of how your code could be improved/cleaned up. According to the Adobe Open Source page (linked above), the tool can be invoked from a number of different environments:

  • The command line
  • Maven
  • Ant
  • Automator on Mac OS X
  • Eclipse
  • TextMate
  • FlashDevelop

Oddly Flash is not listed, but perhaps Flash is beyond hope as a quality code IDE! ;-)

Second to present was Greg Dove, who live-coded a simple touch screen demo on a Dell SX2210T, an inexpensive touch screen display with two touch points capability. Greg also mentioned the best display he’d seen, the 3M M2256PW, which is capable of a whooping 20 simulations touch inputs (view a demo on engadget). Greg’s demo created a group of colored stars that could be resized and zoomed—both as a group and individually. The specific event Greg demoed was the recently added AS3 TransformGestureEvent