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March 2010 Auckland Flash Platform User Group Recap

Last night I attended the March meeting of the Auckland Flash Platform UG, held in the spacious offices of VisFleet. This was a great opportunity to freshen my knowledge on what’s happening in the Flash world. There were two presentations, with a break in the middle for the traditional developers meeting pastime of pizza and beer.

First up was Rasheed Abdul-Aziz, Flex/Rails developer at VisFleet. Unfortunately I arrived a little late and missed the beginning of Rasheed’s presentation, but he covered a diversity of Rails and Flex development topics, including discussing refactoring and Domain Specific Languages (DSL). In the later half of Rasheed’s presentation the focus turned to Robotlegs, a fairly recent (as to my knowledge) dependency injection ActionScript 3.0 framework that Rasheed swears by. I’m excited to find some time to try it out! Next, Rasheed demonstrated some of the benefits of using IntelliJ IDEA for Adobe Flex development, and gave it a glowing recommendation. Robert Penner’s AS3Signals (a new approach for AS3 events) was mentioned at the end during Q&A.

Next Vinnie Vivace showed some simple 3D examples using Away3DLite, a slimmed-down version of Away3D. Vinnie also briefly showed a Unity3D example.