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Flash movie clip transformational properties explorer, manipulate values live!

I created this simulation to visually show the relationships between a movie clip’s (actually any display object’s) transformational properties (x, y, width, height, scaleX, scaleY, rotation, and transformational matrix). Drag the square around the “Stage” and move the sliders to transform it. Each property is prefixed with a dot “.” since in a real application these properties would be accessed via myMC.x or myMC.transform.matrix.tx, for example, where myMC is the instance name of the movie clip on the stage.

Additionally, if you look carefully this shows an apparent bug in the way ActionScript 3 handles the width and height properties of a rotated movie clip (see Grant Skinner’s post on the subject). If the movie clip is rotated and the width and height sliders are moved slowly, they will swap their values back and forth as one or the other is adjusted. This could stem from the fact that the height and width are of the dimensions of the bounding box, not the movie clip itself, and they may be trying to maintain the proportions of the movie clip when adjusted. Or it’s a bug.

This movie requires Flash Player 9