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Flash CS3 IDE not displaying all coordinate decimal places

Flash CS4 has corrected this issue, but in Flash CS3 the coordinates of a movie clip on the Stage are only displayed to the first decimal place (e.g. 100.5). So an x coordinate value of 100.55 would be displayed in the Properties panel as 100.5, yet still be 100.55 in the x property of the movie clip instance.

To test this, create a new document in Flash CS3 and go to Insert –> New Symbol…, choose Movie clip and draw a rectangle in the new symbol. Return to the main Timeline and drag the new movie clip symbol to the Stage. In the Properties panel, set the X coordinate value to 100.55. Notice that it shortens it to 100.5. Now drag a new instance of the symbol onto the Stage and set the X coordinate value to 100.5. Clicking on either instance on the Stage will show the same X coordinate value (of 100.5). Now give the symbols on the Stage the instance names box1 and box2. Click on the first frame and open up the Actions panel and type

trace( box1.x , box2.x );

Test the movie. It will output:

100.55 100.5

This shows that a slight difference in positioning of the two movie clips actually does exist. While this is an ever-so-slight difference in position, it can be visually apparent. To fix it, the X coordinate value of the movie clip with the extra decimal value can be retyped in the Properties panel as a slightly rounded value (100.5 in this case).

Flash CS4 has addressed this issue, as two decimal places are displayed when the X,Y coordinate values are adjusted.