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What command-line tools are included in the Flex SDK?

Inside the bin directory of the Flex SDK you will find a long list of command-line tools. The following is an overview of what these tools do:

AIR Development Tools

  • aasdoc – For creating documentation of the classes in an AIR application
  • acompc – For creating a SWC component (a reuseable library of source code for use in other projects) for AIR.
  • adl (not included in the Open Source Flex SDK) – AIR Debug Launcher for debugging AIR applications. Described here.
  • adt (not included in the Open Source Flex SDK) – A utility for packaging an application into an AIR installation file, which you can distribute to your users. An AIR installation file is an archive that contains all the application files.
  • amxmlc – The compiler to use when building AIR applications, invokes the standard Flex mxmlc ActionScript and MXML compiler with an additional parameter, +configname=air.

Flex Development Tools

  • asdoc – For creating documentation of MXML and/or ActionScript classes.
  • compc – For creating SWC component libraries, reusable archives of source code that can be used in other projects. Makes distribution of a library of classes easy.
  • copylocale – Utility for helping with localization in Flex Applications.
  • digest – Used after SWCs have been optimized with optimizer to update SWC digest information.
  • fcsh – The Flex Compiler Shell Utility provides a shell environment for compiling Flex applications, modules, and component libraries that is quicker than using mxmlc or compc.
  • fdb – A command-line based debugger.
  • jvm.config – Allows the custom configuration of the JVM (Java Virtual Machine) for more efficient use by the mxmlc and compc.
  • mxmlc – The standard Flex compiler. Converts ActionScript and/or MXML code into a SWF that can run inside the Flash Player.
  • optimizer – Removes debugging code and unnecessary metadata from a SWC library. This can be run after compc.