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Jan 16 2009


Super Mario Bros in JavaScript

Sometimes I stumble upon web development projects that push the envelope of what I previously thought was possible, and today was just such as day. Here is the first 2 levels, plus a level map editor, of a fully functioning port of Super Mario Bros built in JavaScript. Examples like this make AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript [...]

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Jan 10 2009

Commentary | News

The botched introduction of Windows 7

A few days ago I caught wind that Microsoft would be releasing the beta version of Windows 7 on Friday, January 9 to the public, but would only be allowing 2.5 million downloads. I was running an old version of Windows XP in VirtualBox on my MacBook Pro and thought I would give Windows 7 [...]

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Jan 07 2009

Flex | Tools

What command-line tools are included in the Flex SDK?

Inside the bin directory of the Flex SDK you will find a long list of command-line tools. The following is an overview of what these tools do: AIR Development Tools aasdoc – For creating documentation of the classes in an AIR application acompc – For creating a SWC component (a reuseable library of source code [...]

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Jan 06 2009

AS3 | Flex | Tools | Tutorial

Curious about Adobe Open Source? Get started with the Flex SDK on Mac OS X

How about creating a SWF that runs in the Adobe Flash Player without building it in the Flash or Flex Builder authoring environment, using tools that are free and open source? Ever since Adobe made the move from ActionScript 2.0 to 3.0 there has been a gem of a toolkit available that allows precisely that. [...]

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Jan 06 2009


Teaching at Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication

Yesterday kicked off my first class in a course in interactive media (Flash) that I am teaching this quarter at Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication. This is a larger class and will cover more advanced topics than what I taught at Marietta College during the fall, so I am looking forward to the challenges [...]

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