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Cairngorm versus PureMVC, the most basic example application!

Awhile back when I was learning to use the Cairngorm framework, Nicolas Lierman had a very basic example of a Cairngorm application. At the time I was trying to slog through the Cairngorm Store example, racking my brains trying to figure out what was going on. I didn’t need such a complex example to start from, just something extremely simple that would compile, and I could build from there. Looking at Nicolas’ example application was an ‘ah ha’ moment when it all came together in my mind. Now I have been learning the PureMVC framework and would like to resurrect a slightly modified version of that Cairngorm example (Nicolas’ used WebService, this uses HTTPService) side-by-side with the same example written in PureMVC. If you are trying to learn either of these frameworks, reference the Cairngorm Explorer and/or the PureMVC Conceptual Diagram and build on these examples. I hope they will help you as much as they helped me to learn the framework’s architecture.

Below is the example application written using the Cairngorm framework. Since the PureMVC example looks and functions exactly the same I will omit it. As you can see it is very simple. Type in your name and it sends it to the server and returns a message.

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The php backend is extremely simple:

	echo "Hello " . $_REQUEST['name'] . "!";

Download Source Here (You will also need to download Cairngorm and PureMVC).