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Dec 24 2008

OS X | Unix

What is the significance of “+” and “@” in Mac OS X file permission tables

If you open terminal in Mac OS X and type the following: ls -la You will see a list of files, both visible and hidden in your home directory. The first column will show you the permission table for a particular file (for example, -rw-r–r–), which anyone with some familiarity with unix filesystems will recognize. [...]

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Dec 20 2008


The difference between IDs and Classes in CSS

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) styles are most commonly applied to elements (paragraphs, links, images, etc.) within a web page by one of two ways: either through ID selectors or class selectors. For example: <div id="id-selector">style applied with ID<div> <div class="class-selector">style applied with class<div> When first learning to use CSS I think it can be confusing [...]

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Dec 17 2008

Flex | Tips

What is Flex?

There was a question posted on the Flash Coders group on last night asking the simple question: “What is Flex?” I think reading about Flex for the first time can be a little confusing and intimidating, so here are some points to keep in mind: If you are coming from the Flash world, you can [...]

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Dec 16 2008

Flash | News

Showcasing my students work

The semester has wrapped up at Marietta College and I’ve posted the grades for my class: “Motion and Interaction.” I was really pleased with the enthusiasm and dedication my students showed throughout the semester, which made teaching the class a rewarding, educational, and enjoyable experience for me. To show my appreciation I will help my [...]

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Dec 05 2008

AS3 | Flex | Programming | Tips

Cairngorm versus PureMVC, the most basic example application!

Awhile back when I was learning to use the Cairngorm framework, Nicolas Lierman had a very basic example of a Cairngorm application. At the time I was trying to slog through the Cairngorm Store example, racking my brains trying to figure out what was going on. I didn’t need such a complex example to start [...]

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Dec 04 2008


Days after the recession deemed “official,” heads roll at Adobe

I feel a bit guilty. These may be the most troubling economic times in seven decades, but in the borderless world of web development I felt outside of the economic downturn. Sure the news has been bad for awhile, and just this past Monday the economists at The National Bureau of Economic Research crowned the [...]

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