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Sep 13 2008

CSS | Tips | Tools

2 Essential FireFox plug-ins for CSS development

FireBug Firebug allows the live editing of CSS, HTML, and JavaScript of any website. For tweaking the appearance of a webpage, this tool is indispensable for visually seeing the results of your changes to the source code of a webpage. The changes are made locally and are lost when the page is reloaded. Dust-Me Selectors [...]

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Sep 05 2008


State of the Art

I’m always impressed by interactive graphics that realistically imitate nature. I think there is a lot of inspiration that can be derived from looking at the world around us. One such piece I saw today is a highly impressive work by Tomas Eriksson: Play with Spider. A truly realistic rendering of a spider’s appearance and [...]

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Sep 05 2008


Teaching at Marietta College of Fine Arts

This is kind of old news now, but I accepted a position as adjunct faculty at Marietta College, teaching a course this semester called Interaction and Motion. Essentially it is teaching Flash to graphic design majors.

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Sep 04 2008

AS2 | Programming

Recursively convert XML into multidimensional array (AS2)

This is a code snippet I wrote awhile back that recursively works through an XML file and converts it from XML into a multidimensional array. This was from the days before E4X was a part of ActionScript, and as such this is an ActionScript 2.0 example, so it may not be as useful as it [...]

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