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Jun 30 2008

AS3 | Flex | Programming

Scaling a DisplayObject to fit to a container’s dimensions

I’ve often run into the problem of proportionally scaling an image (or other DisplayObject) to the dimensions of its parent container. I always end up having to scavenge around in my code bank for the line of code to do this—which really is a simple bit of code—but I prefer to copy-and-paste it than rewrite [...]

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Jun 28 2008


Busy times

In between working full-time at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, digitizing 22 hours of video footage from the Spring <br /> Conference 2008 and providing a technical review of chapters in the upcoming O’Reilly Media, Inc. title ActionScript 3.0: The Quick Answer Guide for Flash Professionals I have not been able to [...]

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Jun 04 2008

AS3 | Data Structures | Programming

Spring <br /> 2008 Presentation

This past Tuesday I spoke about Data Structures at the 2008 Spring <br /> Conference in Baker Center, at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. Since I was involved in organizing the conference this year, it was a pleasure to have the big day finally arrive. I enjoyed some technical wizardry by Samuel Agesilas Pastel, a [...]

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