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Jun 27 2011


Speaking Trees – visualizing written text

Several months ago I created an interactive visualization experiment that took typed input and grew tree-like forms from what was typed. The frequency of words and letters typed affected the shape. The project was installed on an interactive screen (more info) in central Auckland, New Zealand, during the month of March, 2011. I finally got [...]

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Jun 23 2011


June 2011 Auckland Web Meetup

It’s been many months since there was a formal web meetup, but about 180 web enthusiasts gathered at the new Telecom building for three presentations yesterday evening. John Lennard talked about Luumin, a task management software that will be opening into private beta in 6-8 weeks. John talked about the reasons that the Yahoo! YUI [...]

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Nov 05 2010


Incorrect value in Microsoft Excel LOOKUP function

While developing a spreadsheet that used the LOOKUP function I discovered what appears to be a bug (possibly a rounding error) in Excel. Also, as I have not checked on Windows, this is a Mac OSX issue (Snow Leopard at least). Below I present the error and the solution: The Error The LOOKUP function will [...]

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Jul 17 2010


Barcamp Auckland 4 Recap

The excellent Barcamp Auckland 4 event happened today, organized by Ludwig Wendzich and team. 190 attendees came together to discuss topics around web development, design, UX, UI, mobile, and business. Here are a few notes from a selection of talks: Nigel Parker, from Microsoft (a sponsor), showed some deep zooming examples using Silverlight (from Seadragon [...]

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Jul 10 2010


CHINZ 2010

The 11th Annual ACM SIGCHI NZ Conference on Computer-Human Interaction was held on July 8 at Massey University. This was a great opportunity to see some of the work academics outside of AUT were doing. In particular, the University of Auckland had a showing. Two things that may be of note for a Flash developer [...]

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Jul 09 2010


Emerging Researcher Workshop 2010 – research funding, scholarships, awards

University of Auckland had an interesting workshop this week for PhD students and Postdocs. The workshop had sessions covering securing funding, communicating research, networking, career advice and related information. The following are some research funding, scholarships, and awards links from the event: COS (Community of Science) Funding Opportunities – Provides a database of worldwide funding [...]

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Jul 08 2010

AS3 | Flash Builder | Flash Platform | Flex | News | Tools

July 2010 Auckland Flash Platform User Group Recap

This is old news now, but as per my personal tradition I wanted to post a short recap of the Flash Platform User Group meetup that happened July 1. First to present was Michael Andrew, who demoed FlexPMD, an auditing tool for ActionScript/Flex projects. Essentially the tool provides a set of recommendations of how your [...]

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Jun 04 2010

AS3 | Flash Platform | Flex | News

June 2010 Auckland Flash Platform User Group Recap

This month’s Auckland Flash Platform User Group Meetup began with a show-and-tell by the group’s usual host, VisFleet. CTO Aisha Fenton explained the business-side of VisFleet’s vWork software, a web-based task management application that allows a dispatcher to disseminate jobs to remote workers, who can log in via an iPhone app. Aisha provided an overview [...]

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Apr 28 2010

Flash Platform | News | Tips | Tools

Auckland Adobe CS5 Roadshow

Under the slogan of design without boundaries, work faster, and streamline critical processes, the CS5 Roadshow kicked off at Skycity Convention Centre in Auckland today. The hosts for the day were Michael “Stod” Stoddart, Mike McHugh, and Paul Burnett. The event covered a broad-range of tips, tricks, and new features of CS5. Questions could be [...]

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Apr 27 2010

Flash Builder | Flash Platform | Flex

April 2010 Auckland Flash Platform User Group Recap

Last Thursday’s April meeting of the Auckland Flash Platform UG (once again held in the VisFleet offices) kicked off with UG manager Campbell Anderson demonstrating the new features of Flash Builder / Flex 4. Of particular note was Campbell’s demonstration of SourceMate, a Flash Builder companion that adds various code generation, refactoring, and metadata features. [...]

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